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National Legislation and International Agreements

The management of radioactive waste at NECSA is governed under the provisions of the following acts:

              The constitution of the Republic of South Africa, (Act no. 108 of 1996)

              Nuclear Energy Act, (Act no. 46 of 1999)

              Dumping at Sea Control Act (Act no. 73 of 1980)

              National Nuclear Regulator Act (Act no. 47 of 1999)

              Hazardous substances Act (Act no. 15 of 1973)

              National Water Act (Act no. 36 of 1998)

              National Environmental Management Act (Act no. 107 of 1998)  


National Policy and Strategy on Radioactive Waste Management

The Department of Minerals and Energy (DME) are presently developing a national radioactive waste management policy and strategy in conjunction with the various role players in South Africa.  Draft policy and strategy documents will soon be made available to the public for discussion.



 NLM is regulated by:

               Minister of Minerals and Energy in concurrence with the Minister of

         Environmental Affairs and Tourism and the Minister of Water Affairs and

         Forestry (Nuclear Energy Act 1999)

              National Nuclear Regulator (National Nuclear Regulator Act, 1999)

              Directorate radiation control (Hazardous Substances Act, 1973)

              Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (National Water Act)



The following licenses have been granted by the NNR:

               NL-25: Nuclear license granted to the mines, under which license NLM

         carries out waste management/decommissioning projects.

              NL-27: Nuclear license granted to NECSA for the Pelindaba site.

              NL-28: Nuclear license granted to NECSA for the Vaalputs site.



              Conformance of quality systems to the requirements of the regulator, as documented in the standard LD1002, and to the requirements as documented in SABS ISO 9002 (latest revision)

              ISO 14001: ISO Environmental Management Systems specification with guidance for use

              ISO 10006:  ISO for quality management guidelines to quality in project management



 The DACST/DME Review Committee benchmarked NLM liability assessment methodology in April 2000 and made certain recommendations. These recommendations were aimed at ensuring conformance to international norms.