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NLM is well positioned to provide the following Key products and/or services:




                                Development of Radioactive Waste Management plans in accordance with the proposed National Radioactive Waste Policy and Strategy
                    Radioactive Waste Management Specialist Services i.e. Management of medical, industrial, Category 3 and depleted Uranium waste from external generators and small users.
                    Acceptance, transport of Radioactive Waste and Radioactive Disused Sealed Sources (including conditioning, security and storage)
                    Acceptance, processing and storage for disposal of radioactive waste e.g. used radioactive smoke detectors
                    Packaging and transport in accordance with NRTA (National Road Traffic Act) requirements
                    Solid and liquid waste treatment
                    Waste minimisation and solid radioactive waste storage for eventual disposal
                    NLM has been authorised by Government (Departments of Minerals and Energy and of Health) to accept radioactive waste from small users in industry for further management and eventual disposal


                    Decommissioning optimization studies e.g. for contaminated plants and research facilities
                    Strategy development including regulatory guidance for the management of radioactive waste
                    Project planning
                    Cost estimation
                    Dismantling and size reduction strategy assessments
                    Methods development
                    Assistance with obtaining nuclear authorizations
                    Baseline decommissioning plan development
                    Project management
                    Project reviews
                    Radiological surveys for declassification of buildings and land
                    Comprehensive site clean-up services, including RP surveys, monitoring, decommissioning, waste management and remediation of radioactively contaminated sites




                    Specialist investigations
                    Radiological surveys and operational hazard assessments
                    Radiological surveys for declassification of buildings and former mine land
                    Assisting in obtaining nuclear authorization for industry through development of all the required programmes and procedures
                    Development of Radiation Protection (RP) waste management programmes, procedures, reports etc.
                    Biosphere dispersion modeling
                    Radiological environmental hazard and risk assessments
                    Radiation protection advisory services ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements
                    Ionising radiation risk and ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) assessments including dose uptakes
                    Radiation Protection audits
                    Emergency planning
                    Liability Assessments: identification and quantification of financial liabilities associated with radiological contamination
                    Radioactive waste disposal procedures
                    Compliance with the NNR (South African National Nuclear Regulator)



     Occupationally exposed workers training

     Radiation Safety awareness





                                Ground and surface water studies, including geology, hydrogeology as well as radionuclide and environmental chemistry
                    All aspects of geology, hydrogeology, ground and surface water research and development
                    Aquifer studies: localization by means of geophysical methods, drilling, pump testing, leakage detection, assessment and modeling of polluted aquifers
                    Geological surveys, i.e. uranium exploration
                    Borehole sampling and analyses
                    Chemical spillage investigations and assessments
                    Radioactively contaminated land assessment and remediation
                    Rehabilitation and deregulation of contaminated sites





                    Network of highly qualified and dedicated personnel with experience in the respective fields of work of mostly over 30 years

                    Good track record

                    Diverse Necsa supporting capabilities and infrastructure

                    Radiation protection services well established in mining and related industries

                    Nuclear authorisation allowing work on unlicensed sites

                    NLM is the largest radioactive waste operator in Africa

                    Affordable services

                    Best equipment and facilities to render first class services

                    NLM has been authorised by Government to accept radioactive waste from small users in industry for further management and eventual disposal



Alan Carolissen Senior Manager: NLM

Tel:   (012) 305 3002

Fax: (012) 305 6119                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

E-mail: Alan.Carolissen@necsa.co.za