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Question:  Where is the radioactive waste now?



        Radioactive waste is presently stored at Pelindaba in various locations on the site.  The waste occurs in the form of low  and intermediate level waste (LILW).  Some of the waste is short-lived waste and the rest long-lived waste.  All surface stored radioactive waste at Pelindaba will be moved to a centralised storage facility on site called the Pelstore, situated in the disused enrichment plant building.

        Spent fuel from the Safari reactor is presently stored in the Pipestore facility at Pelindaba.  Radioactive waste produced in the Hot Cell Complex and Isotope production centre will also be stored in the Pipestore.

        Historical waste, consisting of combinations of low and intermediate level waste as well as spent radiation sources are presently stored in covered earthen trenches at Thabana on the Pelindaba site.  The future of the Thabana storage site still needs to be clarified, inasmuch as it must be decided whether to leave Thabana in its present state or whether to excavate and fully remediate the site.

Eskom Waste


        Koeberg spent fuel is presently stored in the reactor pools.  These pools have been recently further re-racked in order to facilitate lifetime storage of spent fuel.  Koeberg spent fuel should not be regarded as waste until it has been specifically declared to be the case.

        Koeberg operational waste (low and intermediate level waste) is temporally stored at Koeberg before being transferred to Vaalputs for final disposal.


Mining and Process Industry Waste


Various quantities of NORM waste are stored in different locations in the mining and minerals industry.  

NAC (National Accelerator Centre) Waste

Relatively small quantities of research waste are presently stored at the NAC facility at Faure in the Western Cape.


Other Generators' Waste

Various quantities of spent radiation sources are generated e.g. by hospitals and industrial users.