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Domestic Sites:

NECSA http://www.necsa.co.za

Chemical Division of NECSA  http://www.pelchem.com

Nuclear Technology Products http://www.radioisotopes.co.za

Department of Energy South Africa http://www.energy.gov.za/

Eskom http://www.eskom.co.za/

South African Government Structures Bodies, Commissions and Task Groups http://www.polity.org.za/lists/govbodies.html 

National Nuclear Regulator  http://www.nnr.co.za


International Sites:  

International Atomic Energy Agency http://www.iaea.org/worldatom/

Radwaste http://www.radwaste.org

Nuclear Waste   News magazine from WorldNews.com }

About.com's guide to radioactive waste management  A well presented site giving links that might be of more interest to the well-educated layman.

NRC - Radioactive Waste  U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Radioactive Waste Page. 

SKB (Sweden) http://www.skb.se

STUK (Finland) http://www.stuc.fi

NAGRA (Switzerland) http://www.ch

NIREX (UK) http://www.nirex.co.uk

ANDRA (French) http://www.andra.fr

ENRESA (Spain) http://www.enresa.es

ONDRAF/NIRAS (Belgium) http://www.nirond.be

Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy (EFN) http://www.ecolo.org

Australian Government website www.radioactivewaste.gov.au