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What is radioactivety?
What is radioactive waste?
Where does it come from?
Where is it now?
Is it dangerous?
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Nuclear Liabilities Management (NLM)
A department of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation limited (NECSA)

Liabilities are the costs that NECSA  is expected to have to meet in future as a consequence of its current and past nuclear and non-nuclear operations.  

Our Vision

The vision of the NLM is encapsulated in the following sentence:

 To be recognized as a leading global provider of radioactive waste management and decommissioning services

Our Mission

The purpose of the NLM to provide innovative radwaste management services that are technically sound, socially acceptable, environmentally responsible, economic feasible and  that meets or exceeds customer expectations


To create stakeholder value through:

§    Prudent management and cost-effective discharge of the State’s nuclear liabilities
Understanding, meeting and exceeding stakeholder needs and expectations.
§    Providing high quality, sustainable and cost-effective products and services.
§    Total commitment to quality, health, safety, security and care for the environment
§    Empowering, developing, growing and retaining competent human capital.
§    Creating a culture of innovation and creativity.
§    Investing in world-class technology systems, processes, equipment and infrastructure.
§    Benchmarking all our activities against global best practice.

Our Commitment

We are committed to

ensuring the safety of our staff and the public now and in the future. 
protecting the environment in a sustainable manner for the benefit of our stakeholders.
complying with the requirements of corporate, national and international standards.


                     Robust financial and risk management
                     Business efficiency and effectiveness
                     Compliance with regulatory standards and regulations
                     Suitable qualified and experienced staff
                     Stakeholder confidence, trust and satisfaction


Our Organisational Profile

NLM is a department within the NURAD, which forms part of the Government section of NECSA. NLM was established in October 1998, when NECSA's Executive Committee consolidated all nuclear waste management and plant decommissioning activities in the new division.

NLM currently has a staff complement of approximately 230 employees working on Pelindaba and Vaalputs  sites.

The department is functionally structured as follows:

Nuclear Waste Systems (Waste management technologies)
Nuclear Projects and Operations (Waste management and decommissioning)
Nuclear Liabilities Assessment
Operational Support (Safety, Licensing and Quality)
Contract Management.
Chemical liabilities.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is radioactivity?
What is radioactive waste?
Where does radioactive waste come from?
Is radioactive waste dangerous?
Where is the radioactive waste now?
How is the public protected against radioactive waste?


NLM Stakeholders

NLM communicates with its stakeholders in government, industry, education, the medical  sector and the general public through NECSA's Corporate Communications Department
NLM participates in the Pelindaba Communication Forum (PCF) which involves the local communities and representative bodies around Pelindaba
NLM participates in the Vaalputs Communication Forum (VCF) which involves the local communities living in the vicinity of the National Radioactive Disposal Facility at Vaalputs in the Northern Cape Province
NLM, in conjunction with NECSA's Corporate Communications Department, organises visits to its facilities at Pelindaba
NLM participates in the AFRA (African Regional Cooperation Agreement) programmes on the African continent.  NLM contributes radioactive waste management expertise.

Contact Information

 +27(012) 305 3002
+27(012) 305 6119
Postal address:  PO Box 582,  Pretoria, 0001, South Africa
Physical address: Pelindaba,  Church street extension west,  Pretoria,  South Africa
Electronic mail
General Information: Clyde Williams at email: clyde.williams@necsa.co.za

If you want to visit NLM facilities please contact: S de Bruyn at email:  saartjie.debruyn@necsa.co.za    or Tel:+27(012) 305 6238

Webmaster:  Jan Prinsloo  jan@digitalekameraklub.co.za

Updated 05/09/2016


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